Back in Hong Kong after almost 2 weeks in sunny England:

Ok, this was pre-England, just the night before we flew off.

I decided to (finally) make an appearance at Valley’s End of Season Hockey Ball after, what, 5 years?

Nasty was in town and so there we went. Don’t ask what happened.

What’s important is…I look goooooood. Eh heh heh.

Flying Virgin. Highly recommended. I’m notorious for always having a hard time on long-distance flights. Time passed on Virgin much quickly for some reason. Either it was the ace entertainment system or the value of a good traveling companion…

Godalming. 40 minutes south of London by train. Where Nasty’s family lives.

Great small town. High street deserted at noon. Sandwich shop closes at 3pm. Everything shuts down by 5:30pm. Lots of moms pushing prams. :)

And then we flew to Guernsey, off the coast of France, spent a night there and sailed back to Portsmouth on Troika, Nasty’s dad’s yacht.

Cool eh? We sailed the English Channel! Aaaahh…sailing…images of lying about on deck, reading a book, sipping a cocktail, wind blowing in your hair, looking out into the vast ocean and wondering what life is all about…

See, I have no pictures of the actual sailing in the middle of the ocean….not because I was enjoying myself so much….but because I spent 15 bloody hours horizontal thinking of things I am willing to give up if only I can stop the boat, the waves and the ocean and somehow teleport myself back to dry land.

I got hideously sunburnt lying on deck, trying to participate in the sailing as much as I can while remaining horizontal….in the end, I retreated down into bed, and remained there half-conscious until we finally docked.

Want to forget all your troubles? Go sailing. ;)

This is Oscar. One of the nasty cats. I spent an entire afternoon with Oscar, plodding through the house and garden because Nasty was passed out on a sofa after a cycle to the pub. But hey, Oscar was much more willing to model for this photographer-wannabe, so I was happy happy.

Two icons of London: Big Ben and the Underground.

I have to say, the Big Ben was a little bit disappointing. Over the years, I have somehow conjured up the image of a massive independent lone-standing clock tower in the middle of a large square (the clock tower in Tsim Sha Tsui in HK comes to mind…). I did not realize it’s just this tall bit attached to a much more massive and impressive building!

Ah….nice friendly advice from the authorities just inside the Underground. I feel so much safer now!

Camden, London.

Hippie town, Hippie town, come to Camden the Hippie Town.

Right. Just decided that Camden deserves some sort of a jingle….

Guernsey! That little island off the coast of France where we flew to. Where you can go see Dr. Beijing! Woohoo!

Interestingly, these so-called Chinese-medicine shops are all over the country, purporting to cure everything from sexual dysfunction to the great depression. No wonder the western world is skeptical. Fucking Chinese selling ourselves out. Have some dignity yo!

Brighton. On the English coast, where all the hippies, gays and vegans hang out. Where Nasty ogle at T-shirts and lament their prices. Where an old man came up to me at 9:30 am to ask me what time Vegetarian Shoes open.

Yes. Vegetarian Shoes. The tag line in the window says: A Treat For Your Feet If You Don’t Eat Meat!


This is Soho, London.

For real.

Well, technically, this little green space is called Soho Square, and the surrounding area is called Soho, where all the hip and trendy things happen.

This comes as a surprise for me, since Hong Kong also has a hip and trendy area called Soho, but it’s NOTHING like this. Imagine a park in the middle of Soho HK. Yeah, I know.

And I always thought Soho stands for South of Hollywood? And then I realize Soho in London used to be hunting grounds and “So-ho” was once-upon-a-time a hunting call. Nothing to do with Hollywood.

And while writing this, I suddenly realize Soho HK is NOT named after Soho London, but is an area that is literally south of Hollywood Road, that just happens to be hip too. (People in HK, please don’t laugh.)

Ah. Nothing like traveling abroad to learn more about your own country. (!!!)

(And I’m now quite happy that we didn’t just copycat a place!)

Also, apparently Soho is a gay hangout. It’s supposed to be obvious, but I had absolutely no idea….until I looked carefully in that photo. Hmmm….

For the people of Hong Kong, this is home away from home. Eh heh heh…

Amazing eh? Found in Chinatown, London.

(For those of you unfortunate enough to not be from Hong Kong [oh how I pity you, you poor little thing], this is the name of a local chain restaurant not unlike the McDonald’s and KFCs everywhere else, except that someone decided to open a small little shop called McDonald’s where the real McDonald’s doesn’t exist.)

It always baffles me what people do after 5:30pm, when everything shuts down and the streets are deserted.

In HK, people pour out into the streets yo! (I don’t know why I’m yo-ing so much today…)

And then you walk by a pub. Aha!

And I end with this shot of the London Eye.


Be strong.

And always keep your head up.

It’s a beautiful sky.


2 thoughts on “Snippets

  1. Yeah, I’m back! I’m back! It’s so good to be back reading blogs in my office! Eh heh.

    And yeah, though you can’t see from the photo, the bowtie is actually a Mickey Mouse bowtie…eheheh….

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