Day -3: Packing

I have travelled a lot.

But I still hate packing.

I never know how much is enough. And I always end up over packing.

I know will I overpack, and yet I still overpack.

When you go away for 2 weeks, do you bring 14 bras? 14 panties? 14 tops?

If I bring just 7 of each, that means I’ll have to wash my clothes.

Where will I dry them?

Will I be drying my most private gear in full view of whoever I’ll be staying with?

(Now I see the advantages of travelling alone.)

Someone said it’s going to be warm. Then someone told me to bring jackets and scarfs.

So what tops do I bring?

Some tops for hot weather? And some tops for cold weather?

What if it ends up being hot all the time?

Then I won’t have enough hot tops!

But what if it ends up being cold all the time?

Then I won’t have enough cold tops!

So maybe I should bring as many hot and cold tops as I can?


I will need as much sleeping clothes as I will need waking clothes.

Then that means I’ll have double of clothes!

Then socks.

Do I bring an extra pair of shoes?

I mean, I can’t go hiking in my Converses right?

Should I bring my own towel?

Or not bring one to save space?

Or maybe I should save space by bringing less tops!

But what if we go somewhere fancy?

I will need a fancy top!

What if we go and play sports?

I will need a sports bra!


Everytime I pack, I start feeling like I’ve become Bridget Jones or that Shopaholic girl.

So you see why it takes me at least 4 hours to pack for anything?



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