The Day After Tomorrow

No, the Earth will not freeze over. (Actually, we don’t know that.)

Nor will I be hunkering down under some blankets with Jake Gyllenhaal. (Ha! We don’t know that either!)

And no, no rugged men in snowsuits and backpacks are gonna trek hundreds of miles to come rescue me. (Hey, I wouldn’t mind!))

But I will be wrapping up work.

And I will probably be shopping for some last minute supplies and hopefully will be spending a few hours hunkering down at the Dublic Jack’s (an Irish pub!), waiting for midnight to come.

And at midnight, no, Cinderella won’t be dropping out of a pumpkin, and the wolves will not howl.

If the weather report is correct, it will be raining cats and dogs like it’s been doing for the past 3 weeks, and I’ll be standing at some random bus stop in the middle of nowhere, hopefully not soaking wet already.

(Actually, it’s not in the middle of nowhere. And actually, it’ll most likely be way past midnight. But humor me for now.)

And I would watch a certain someone with a backpack (no, no snowsuit) saunter down from a bus to give me a great big Nasty hug.

Hopefully not in this sort of rain!


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