Last night. Different night.

To all my girl friends out there, and any girls in fact, look here. If she can wear short shorts, so can you. ;)


Last night, the crew at the bakery were in an all-you-can-eat-and-drink frenzy as the boss treated us to dinner at sushi place Dozo to bid farewell to the star baker.

It doesn’t help him that we are always flippin starving by the time we leave work…my table went mad and basically grabbed every single different dish that was on the sushi belt…the other table went alcoholic and ordered as much as they could drink…and yes, the boss was sitting at a third table, that’s why. :)

A couple of us then headed out to continue the party, planning it to be sans boss. But he couldn’t take a hint and stuck with us all night long.

It normally shouldn’t be a problem. I mean, afterall, he bought us dinner and drinks…and basically ALL drinks the rest of the night. But keep in mind that he is extremely short-tempered and we all had to endure a whole morning of undeserved verbal abuse. I was so flippin mad I didn’t even want to go to the dinner. If there is one thing I hate, I hate being wrongly accused of anything. I thought I was gonna quit on the spot.

And that’s probably the reason for our feeding frenzy…and which also forms the background of the following texts found in my phone inbox:


From the Star Baker:

21:24. Fuckin hilarious. Haha. Guess we can milk drinks.

21:35. Holla, wats going on

21:40. Cockblock. Shit.

21:44. Im not drunk, although kwan just spilt my wine near my crotch area. Not on my crotch. Close.

23:06. Im taking a dump. Kwan yakking. Im constipated

02:23 Dude wat happened last nite


The last message aptly sums up last night for some of us. :)


But for me, when you have your toes stomped on by 3-inch heels, get frozen in a vodka ice room, down chocolate-flavored vodka which someone claims is awesome and doesn’t taste like vodka at all but is in fact absolutely vile (I ended up doubled over the ice-chair), observe some very inappropriate intimacy between people who shouldn’t be, and walk down LKF to find people playing frisbee at 2 am (?!?!)….and you find yourself sitting on some concrete steps on the side of the street talking on the phone to someone who’s more real….you’d think that you could have better nights.


Hey, I did have fun. Fucking hilarious shit happened, including said toes-stomp, blond conversations, Andy and his Disney bag getting bounced, good conversations, getting in a place free when everyone else has to pay, Taf and her dodgy dude from 2 weeks ago, etc.

But really, when you’re married, and have kids, please remember that. That ruined everything for me.


2 thoughts on “Last night. Different night.

  1. Ha…I must say, standing on the dance floor, and looking up to see THAT was a bit erm…interesting, to say the least.

    But hey, let’s give her credit. Girl to girl. She wore what she wore and couldn’t care less what others think, so cudos to that!

    (Unless, of course, her manager/the club MADE her do it…now that’s a different story….)

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