Mom, Ireland and a Black and White Dress

I finally told my mom last night that I’ll be traveling on holiday later this month.


Yeah. I took two-weeks leave.

“TWO weeks?! Where are you going this time?”

England and Ireland.

Actually, I’m not sure about the Ireland part. Even if we do go, it’ll just be Dublin. I certainly do hope we’ll make it to Dublin somehow. You know, home of the traditional Irish pub. Forget Delaney’s in Hong Kong, I’m gonna see the real deal! Home of music and culture. (Not sure why I think that, but still, I’m willing to bet it’s better than Hong Kong.) And just as importantly, home of Colin Farrell. Mmm…

Why am I talking about Ireland at all?

Oh right. To be honest, I added Ireland to make it sound more like a genuine holiday-vacation-traveling-like-I’d-planned-this-big-backpacking-trekking-trip-for-a-long-time-legitimate-travel-with-a-“friend” trip.

“You should go visit your cousin in Australia instead. At least she’s got a place there you can stay at for free.”

Mumble mumble mumble. Do you have any English pounds?

“No. Do you know that the exchange rate is 16 now?!”

Yeah I know.

That’s why I’ll be working on Sunday. And that’s why, tonight, a Friday night, I’ll be going straight home for a marathon session of Grey’s Anatomy. My grand plan is to finish Season 1 tonight. Ah…a taste of accomplishment!

I need to buy shorts. I don’t have any shorts for my trip.

“Then what are you wearing now?”

These are for sleeping.

Mom, I’m going to a ball next Saturday, do you have anything I can wear?

“Yeah, of course. I still have that black and white dress that you refused to put on last time. You can wear that.”

Keyword, mom: “refused”.

Maybe I have to delay my date with Meredith Grey afterall.

So much for trying to save.

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