Day -15: Chasing

On Grey’s Anatomy, Izzy was talking to Alex about Yang:

“She just…she knows what she wants. She has this faith in her skill, in herself, in her future in cardio, it’s an unwavering faith. She knows who she is and I want that. I was chasing cardio because I want what she has.”

And you know what? I am feeling exactly the same.

I want to be able to know what I want. Who I am. Who I can be.

And often times, I find myself wanting what others have, because I want that feeling. I want that confidence…of knowing where I want to be. I want that feeling of knowing what one wants.

I asked someone once, what they wanted out of life. They answered right away. Bam bam bam. There it was. They knew. They knew what it is they want.

I asked someone else the other day. They also knew.

And I am jealous.


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