Day -16: Meet my one and only true friend

I got this message today in my Friendster account:


Subject: hi
dear friend
hope for ur good i read ur profile and i got intrest in you and want to know u more.i am a matured true honest good educated respectfull bussniessman.i read ur profile and get intrest in you.
so i start sending emails to you so now tell me ur location ur nationality ur age ur work and send me ur reply me on (
if u have any question ask freely.i hope we will have a nice time in future with me.i have done master in economics and doing import export busniess of gemstones.
waiting for u so kindly reply me soon.i do not give importance to age religion location and race.
ur one and only true friend


If indeed he is as interested in me as he claims, and if he did read my profile, he would have already known my age, location and occupation.

Oh, but he says he doesn’t give importance to age, religion, location and race right? So I guess he overlooked them.

Oh, but then he also asks.


But hey, since he says he is my one and only true friend, I guess everyone else I know are suckers. So I better stick with him.

I mean, he’s got the model looks; is from Istanbul, Turkey (how exotic! I’ve always wanted to go to Turkey!); and he trades gemstones! (ooh…the money!).

Plus, his profile also says:

[I] want a true honest woman to mary for ever with lvoe and joy.

Forgive his spelling mistakes. His first language is not English ok? (He’s from Turkey! *gasp*)

Yes, I’m true (huh?) and I’m honest (well, most of the time) and I’d certainly like some “lvoe and joy”.

Plus, I’d love to get married forever! I mean, I don’t want to get married for like, 4 months, or 2 years, right?

Anyone wants to write to Aamir? Feel free. (Pssst. Remember the gemstones!)


3 thoughts on “Day -16: Meet my one and only true friend

      • I feel sorry for that guy, I heard someone uses his address. So to all of you never never give your email password to anyone. It is not a good idea even for your friend or even your family member. take good care everyone.

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