Day -20: Last night.

The star baker.

A shoulder.

The dodgy dude who tried to hit on anybody and everybody.

Looks like she’s on drugs. But she’s not. Perhaps the camera is. Or the photographer.



A pout.

One too many shots of tequila.


3 thoughts on “Day -20: Last night.

  1. Man…you know you’re the only one who says these pics are anything but horrible?! Hahaha….I’m all happy now because of you. ;)

    Apparently, I have this reputation for taking really bad pictures (of OTHER people of course hehe) on nights out. If you have facebook (I know you don’t), you’d see that the concensus is these are very VERY bad photos and is solid proof of my reputation of being a REALLY bad photographer. hahahah…..

    To be honest, I think they are pretty cool photos! hahahaa…..

    To anyone else who might be reading this: Hey! Doreen says they’re cool! nanananan…….

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