Being young.

Hi, I’m Dora. It’s very nice to meet you!

We shook hands.

It’s very nice to meet you too!

And she turned to my boss, in front of me, Wow! She’s VERY young!


Boss: Yes…she is very young.


And I stood there wondering, whether to take that as a compliment (Wow, from the professionalism you show in your work, I didn’t realize you are so young!), or as a comment on my inexperience (Gees, you’re just a kid! And I actually took you seriously!)

My boss was probably thinking along the same lines, and she probably suddenly realized what she just could’ve said, because the next thing anyone said was,

So….have you been in Hong Kong before?

To make myself feel better, maybe I should just take it as a compliment on my physical features, since she made that comment after taking just one look at me….nice skin, no flabby stomach, wrinkles-free….etc. You know, maybe she’s just jealous.

Ah. I feel better now.


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