Hanging out with flabby ladies….

Gretchen suggests here that:

The more you focus on your boredom or irritation, the more you’ll amplify that feeling.

I couldn’t agree with that more.

I’ve basically been stuck in a rut, digging my hole deeper and deeper. I don’t want to one day have dug so deep that I couldn’t climb back out anymore.

So I decided to do something “unrutted”.

I had an early conference call at 8am this morning, so I thought I’ll use the extra morning time I have from not needing to commute, to go to the beach with mom.

At 6:30am, the alarm rung. I struggled to detach myself from the bed.

I eventually staggered out, found my mom in her swimsuit, and eventually managed to put my own on too.

Mom goes swimming every morning you see.

We went downstairs and walked to the beach. I’m quite sure I was the youngest person in sight. From my apartment, past the playgrounds, on the running tracks, by the sea, on the boardwalk, in the gardens, on the beach, in the water……are all people old enough to not need to sleep in anymore and people old enough to not have to rush to work anymore.

Even the life-guards have yet to arrive for work.

It was cold, and as mom warmed up and jumped into the sea, I sat under the lifeguard watch-tower, hugging my backpack, digging my toes into the sand, debating the sanity of ditching my warm bed to have a dunk in the cold sea water.

I eventually stood up and dipped my feet into the water for a tolerance test, and observed the early morning going-ons at the beach.

They’re a loud, friendly bunch. The entire beach area is basically occupied by stay-at-home moms, grandmas, old ladies, grandpas, and old men.

Old men with dripping wet pubic hair sticking out of their speedos. :s

The old men mostly keep to themselves. While the ladies, being women, greet each other loudly, gossiping about who’s here and who’s not, yakking about yesterday’s events, plans for dinner, etc. They don’t care that they all have sagging boobs and love-handles, or that their swimsuits are old and their swim caps are bright pink, or that their arms and thighs are flabby and they can’t really swim.

They talk and they laugh and they couldn’t careless about what people think. They have fun.

Beyond the water and the sand, on the wooden board-walk, groups of aunties dance to old Chinese music blaring from a small tape recorder, flailing their arms, flapping their paper fans, stepping back and forth in sync.

Still standing just calf-deep in the water, I realized I wanna join in the fun too. So I put my backpack down, take my t-shirt off, put on my mom’s long-sleeve swim shirt-thing (like those surfers wear on TV) coz it’s cold, and decided to take the plunge.

Little did I know that I would become Topic of the Day for the entire beach community.

Turns out mom knows half the people at the beach, and everyone is intrigued to see The Daughter out and about today.

Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, laughed at me as I shivered and complained that it’s freezing and they all pointed to this 74 year old granny who had no problems whatsoever walking into the water.

They all had questions as to why I’m not at work, why I’m here, when they last met me, why I’m wearing glasses in the sea, how they think my mom is a great diver (diver?! mom?!), so on and so forth.

And mom, bless her, didn’t swim out into the sea as she normally does. She stayed beach-side to keep me company. :)

I had fun. :) It was a good change to my normal routine, and in the end, I didn’t mind the cold much afterall.

Different crowd. Different banter. Definitely unrutted myself a bit out there.

And besides, nothing boosts your self-esteem and plays down your self-conciousness more than being with a bunch of flabby ladies….made me think, for the 45 minutes at least, that I have a smokin’ hot body. hahahaha……

3 thoughts on “Hanging out with flabby ladies….

  1. so you mean there’s a beach like within walking distance from where you live? and clean enough to swim too? damn that’s cool.

    nice change i bet. yes, different crowd, different banter. and all so free from the ongoings of the ‘young people’.

    hehe, maybe you should join her like twice a week or something. you know, just to obtain a ‘different’ perspective on things, on life, once in a while :)

    nice to see you’re feeling (a bit) better.

  2. Actually, this has been in the plans for a long time. It’s just that I never was able to detach myself from my bed……:)

    Yeah, our apartment looks out into the sea and we’re a short walk away from the beach. Sometimes, esp. to people who I know will never visit where I live, I like to tell people I live “by the sea” (which is a cheat coz the whole of HK is by the sea!!!) or I live “beachside” or I live “by the beach”. ehehehe….and then they get all jealous.

    Technically, or geographically, it’s true. But people tend to imagine I’m living in Miami or something. Nope. No King of Malaysian Islands…….from the beach, you look out into a sea of…….container ships. There is a power plant and container port thing nearby. Water quality….depends on the day la. But you’ll never be able to see your feet. There’s almost always “stuff” in the water, hehe. But swimmable.

    Not Malaysia. Not Thailand. Not other nice beaches in HK. But it’s cool all the same. :) Think I’ll post some pictures up here sometime.

    Yeah, plan IS to join mom at the beach once or twice a week….but let’s see if the bed will let me…..;)

  3. omg. i saw a similar beach like that in this movie… the one with Donnie Yen and Louis Koo as an undercover cop… I forgot the title. You know?

    One of the scenes, there was this beach they were at… exactly like how u described, with container etc. and the even had this whole bunch of flabby old men and women running out towards the sea.


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