Since when is my company’s name sexy?

Being the only person left in the office this afternoon, I have to answer all the phone calls.

And I don’t understand why all the weird calls come in when I’m manning the phones.

The phone rang just now.

Hello, *Company*.


And she said it like those ice cream ads on TV:

*take a spoonful of ice cream* mmmmmmmmmmm…….Haagen Daaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzz………*wink* *wink* *hint* *hint*

So much so that I was tempted to reply Mmmmmmmmmmm…..yeeeeeeeeeeeeeessss………

like we’re suddenly having some form of joint orgasm.


Either she was having sex while she called me, or she was on some mysterious high, or she was planning that for her lover at work, or she was just down right weird…. coz after 5 seconds of pause from the both of us, she somehow composed herself and said, “OhImusthavethewrongnumber……”

I gently put the phone down without replying. All I could think of was, WTF?

Hey, whatever makes my work day more interesting eh? ;)

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