Shiny Thing Alert! Shiny Thing Alert!

Got myself a cool new camera yesterday: a Panasonic FX520.

Not as thin and compact as the Sony Cybershots out there, but contains the manual controls for a person to pretend she’s doing more than just point and shoot. hehe.

Cost me a flippin’ HK$3650, comes with a 4GB card, tripod, tripod case, camera case, an extra battery, and screen protector.

I’d like to say it’s the most expensive thing I’ve bought in a long long long time.

Until I recall all my air tickets. Esp. the HK$7000+ one to London.

Somehow, air tickets don’t count….

Cora thinks it’s ridiculous how I can fork out money for air tickets on a whim, while a camera that’ll last me quite a long time has given me so much stress…..

One of the ways I finally persuaded myself to actually go out and get a camera (which I’ve wanted for quite a while already), is to tell myself, well, there really is no point paying all that money to go to all those places if you don’t have a decent camera to bring with you right?

(I know. Girls have all sorts of reasons to justify their shopping…)

So there.

And while searching for that photo up there, I came across this review of the camera, of which the only bad points were:

Slow startup time; Face Detection didn’t recognize faces with spectacles; oddly shaped stylus.

Face Detection doesn’t recognize faces with spectacles?!?!!?

Nice Dora. Niiiiiiice.


2 thoughts on “Shiny Thing Alert! Shiny Thing Alert!

  1. haha! I know. But don’t you think it’s very funny that a person who wears spectacles buys a camera that doesn’t recognize faces with spectacles?! I’ve gotta try it out one of these days……

    Maybe they should put a huge big warning on it that says: Unsuitable for the population of Hong Kong…..

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