Just another wallflower in life?

A site I frequent recently published this post, and I quote:

Ever notice how whenever you hear a story of someone who is presented with life-threatening news, you never hear the person say, “Well that’s it. I obviously haven’t spent nearly enough time working. I’m heading to the office –- I don’t have a minute to spare!”

Pretty ridiculous, huh?

Then why is it, when we’re NOT faced with life-threatening news, our actions suggest that work IS the most important thing in our lives? Notice I said actions. You can talk a big game about quality time and keeping first things first, but the proof of your real priorities is in your actions. Always.

… …

Life is a grand production. You only get one shot. Be neither too foolish as to consider the playful moments mere distraction nor too afraid to be more than a wallflower.

Are you a wallflower?

Am I a wallflower?

But to be honest really, do we have choice? Do we have any choice to NOT make work take up the majority of our time, heartaches, hopes, and disappointments?

Do we have a choice to not make it one of our top priorities?

Yes, we have love, family, personal time, dreams to pursue, grandparents to be with, children to cuddle, beaches to go to, holidays to take. Idealistically, we should all be doing what we love. Pursuing our dreams. Living our lives.

Yet we spend most of this one shot of ours at work. After work, we discuss work.

I so badly want to be that person. The person who dared to take that risk. The person who really really actually did something about it. I can be so idealistic. And yet I can be so afraid.

Reality is, most of us are just gonna sit here. Really.

Are you going to be one of them?

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