Cycling through Beijing

Ok, I didn’t cycle. I sat on the back enjoying the breeze and snapping photos while Nasty sweated it out.

And the breeze got the better of my hair….

And as I sat there comfortably admiring Beijing’s, err, bright blue skies…

He went on cycling obliviously.

I thought I was comfortably set, until these train tracks decided to ruin our ride through the fresh air of Beijing. Hmpf. What? I have to get off the bike?! I’m a lady for Christ’s sake! I don’t just walk across train tracks!

Luckily, a kind local led us through the ‘hood and showed us the ropes on What To Do When Train Tracks Block Your Way. And in China, that involves shoving your bike through a hole.

Mom said to look both ways before crossing a road. I guess it applies to train tracks too……Lucky that I listen to mom! Is that a train approaching?!

No, it was stationary. And so we cross….(and that’s the kind dude in white)

We made it! We made it across! And the crowd cheers and celebrates wildly!!!

And we exit through another hole, jump back on the bike and I say three Hail Marys and thank the All Mighty for having just survived a harrowing experience and escaped almost certain death under the wheels of a China-train. I’m so glad the rescue workers above were so poised and ready to help in case I get stuck under some wheels…

We continued on our journey, which includes my attempt to take a photo of the offical building of the Beijing Olympics Organizing Committee… …

But, I got the tree in front of it instead. I wept at my loss of capturing the sights of yet another (over)dose of the Olympics…

Workers catching sleep wherever whenever they can. Sadly, this is a common sight in BJ.

And this I think is the best photo I’ve taken so far……a sweet potatoes seller under a bridge…

Having taken that, I felt satisfied, decided to put my camera away and enjoy the ride… …

Actually, I just wanted both hands free to support my bum as we rode through bumps and pot-holes, esp. when Nasty was being soooo helpful in announcing them just 0.5 seconds before we hit. Hmpf.

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