Eight hours recreation?!

With Labour Day/May Day coming up on the 1st of May, we should perhaps note that the current working hours we have today (which we complain so much about: Look! The French only work 6 hours and the Spanish have afternoon siestas!) is a result of much fighting, protests, negotiations, demonstrations, and revolution.

If it makes you any happier on your work day so far, people used to work 10 to 16 hours a day for 6 days a week before the industrial revolution.

In particular, in one of the movements in the demand for an eight-hour day, the slogan was “Eight hours labour, Eight hours recreation, Eight hours rest“.

Eight hours labour. Yep.

Eight hours x 3 = 24 hours. Yep, that’s a day.

Wait. Eight hours recreation?

Lemme check again:

8 hours work. Yep.

8 hours sleep. Yep. Most of the time less even.

8 hours play?!?!

Where did my eight hours of play go?!

According to calculations, I should be playing as much as I’m working! But how?! Where?!

In order to investigate, I’ve decided to do a breakdown of a typical weekday of mine:

12 am. On the internet. Or just crashed into bed.

1 am. Possibly just crashed into bed.

2 am. Sleep.

3 am. Sleep.

4 am. Sleep.

5 am. Sleep.

6 am. Sleep. Alarm screams at 6:30.

7 am. Up. Brush. Dress. Breakfast.

8 am. Should be on bus already. Or else I’ll be late.

9 am. Work

10 am. Work

11 am. Work

12 am. Work

1 pm. Lunch.

2 pm. Work

3 pm. Work

4 pm. Work

5 pm. Work

6 pm. Leave office.

7 pm. On bus home.

8 pm. Eating dinner. Stare at TV. Pet cat.

9 pm. Shower. Tidy room. Pet cat. Stare at TV.

10 pm. Turn on computer with the intention of doing errand-like stuff.

11pm. Still on computer doing I-don’t-know-what.

12 am. Another day begins.


Seriously. Eight hours recreation? Where?!

We need another revolution….


2 thoughts on “Eight hours recreation?!

  1. hey man, you’re supposed to be on my side!!! I consider the tv and pet cat time to be, um, daily-life-time. You know…one of the things that are sort of part of everyday…um…yeah….hehehe

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