I scored my first ever goal last night. 

Actually, I’m not sure if it’s my first EVER. But since I don’t remember myself scoring, so I think EVER is right.

I was having such a bad day (and days) at work that I went out for a drink with Yvonne right after work, just before game time. A drink turned into a couple of drinks and by the time I arrived at HV, I wasn’t walking strictly straight, Claire was talking to me but I didn’t hear, and Kay and Pixie could smell me and declared that I was slurring.

Thirty seconds into game start, my only thought was: Hmmm, you really do lose your sense of balance and eye-hand coordination with drinking….hmmm…..

Half way into the first half, I realize I don’t like getting beat and had better put my act together. So I began to gingerly attempt to connect stick with ball.

Playing striker that day, I had a lot of chances in the D. In one, I was diligently minding my own business, head down, dribbling towards the goal, and then SMACK! I had ran straight into the goalie. Our heads made contact and my face slammed into Jo’s helmet. She flew backwards onto the pitch. My glasses went flying and my body followed more or less similarly.

The result now is a mostly invisible bruise that hurts like shit and throbs when you smirk, smile and laugh.

BUT, I redeemed myself by receiving a great pass down the middle of the pitch, got it past A team defender Katie, and continued to sprint towards the goal as fast as I can. Jo the goalie ran out in an attempt to stop me, but I dinked the ball just right of her big leg pads and watched the ball roll into the goal. SCORE!!!

I was absolutely estatic. All that happened during the day disappeared and I spread my arms and ran. I thought about pulling my shirt up over my face a la football. But reconsidered since I was wearing glasses and my face hurt. See, I’m not one to make a fool of myself. Ever.

One day later now, I’m still overly excited (probably to the annoyance to my teammates). But hey, all I usually do is stand and watch as my teammates score and celebrate while feeling sorry for my lonely arse, abandoned in goal. Or I usually stand/knee/sit/lie on the pitch and watch as my opponents score against me and celebrate wildly as I curse under my breath and hope they all get striken by lightning.

I was a very happy me last night. :)


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