Melted. When cliches get personal.

When describing feelings of love, affection and relationships, books and movies always say “his heart skipped a beat” or “she melted my heart”.

I never really understood what those feelings are supposed to be like. I thought they were just old, over-used, over-exaggerated expressions of feelings that only exist in fiction and on screen.

Until recently.

When you have feelings for someone, haven’t seen them in a while, and thought you’ve convinced yourself that you don’t care anymore, and out of the blue, you suddenly see their face pop up on your computer screen.

A live, moving, almost real-time image of that person.

You see their grin, that face, the smile, the hair you ran your fingers through, the shoulders you leaned on, the neck you snuggled up to….and then they grin again.

You stop breathing for a milli-second. Your heart skip a milli-beat. And then you. just. melt.

I did.




And then you immediately recover and wish and wish that the feelings would come back. You try all your might to hold on to them. But they don’t. And you go: Oh you ugly arse. I hate you.


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