When I tried to move to Lamma.

I’ve recently been obsessed with a search for a flat on Lamma, one of the islands in Hong Kong where no cars are allowed, where nice beaches are, where it’s got quiet narrow “country” paths, where street lights are few, where you can actually hear the birds and the crickets, where people go to hike, where the hippie expats with flip-flops live their bohemian lifestyle.

So I found a house up for subletting for 3 months in the summer, and went over to have a look with some friends.

Because of the unusually cheap rent (or so we thought), everyone who knows about my plan started making up reasons for why it’s so cheap. It’s haunted. It leaks. The area is unsafe. It’s messy and dirty. etc. etc. But it’s all in good fun.

As for my mom, she’s SURE that it’s a wooden shack built on an old pig farm which doesn’t include a toilet and you have to walk a distance to a toilet built in a shed somewhere behind the house.


So off we went to Lamma.

She’s a really lovely English lady, a teacher and an artist, and has very very beautifully decorated the small house.

The house IS unusual, as she said in her email. It’s got a strange layout and the weirdest stairs I’ve ever seen, but that’s what makes it so quirkily charming and endearing. We all fell in love with it immediately….the house, the awesome four-post bed, her studio, the artwork, the colors, the balcony, the garden….every single bit of it.

My heart told me to rent it. My bank account says maybe not.

We gushed and talked about it the whole night. We probably fell in love with the lady too.


2 thoughts on “When I tried to move to Lamma.

  1. Well, the idea was to move out for a month to make space for my aunt who is visiting, so she can stay in my room this month. But someone suggested Lamma, and I became obsessed, even though this house isn’t up for lease till June. And the lease is for 3 months.

    Since I was so obsessed already, I thought I’ll just live there for 3 months, just so I can try living alone in HK, sample life on the island, and most importantly, tell people that I live on *ahem* Lamma. hahahah….

    It really is unbelievably awesome. But it’s actually more inconvenient to get to work than from my current place. From that house, you have to walk 20 mins to the ferry pier. Take a 30 min ferry. Then a bus to work.

    Whereas now, I just take one bus to work.

    Inconvenient. Expensive. But 5 mins from a great beach. teehee.

    Oh well. I’ll be back. You know, when I stop spending ridiculous money on flights. ;)

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