I can’t wait for the Olympics to be over.

Interesting how almost everyone I know in Hong Kong are very supportive of the Beijing Olympics, the (idiotic) torch relay, and especially extremely defensive against the acts of protests and criticisms from the “west”.

As evident by the sudden proliferation of “*heart* China” and “*heart* Beijing Olympics” expressions on my MSN list:

I can’t even talk properly to people about this whole torch fiasco without someone getting all defensive!

Just over 10 years ago, people were fleeing the handover. Just a couple of years ago, people harshly criticised Tung Chee Hua for ass-kissing the Chinese government.

But there certainly has been a slight shift in general views of the Chinese government. I’m no political analyst. Hell, I don’t even read the papers. But just from people I talk to. Just a general feeling.

I don’t support a boycott. This is why. The only purpose it’ll serve is to destroy all the hopes and opportunities of athletes everywhere.

But I do like how people are speaking out against Chinaland by protesting along the torch route.

I don’t understand how you can 100% stand behind a government that denies the torch has been snuffed while news cameras all over the world shows that it has been.

A government that blatantly lies to and misleads it’s own people. A government that does not award fair trials to people it arrests. A government that frowns on charities and NGOs because they’re afraid that will show that the government is not doing enough for its people. Which is a fact. A government that is corrupt. A government that censors the internet. A government that does not tolerate people speaking up.

But of course, a lot of the above probably applies to the US and many other countries too. (Although the US probably does it a lot more subtlely and has better PR.)

It doesn’t matter whether others are doing the same. The fact is that a lot of things in Chinaland sucks and I’m glad people are speaking out. (Because I’m too chicken and I don’t dare).

I just don’t get why people are so defensive. Can’t they see?

Yes, a lot of good goes on in China, but so does a whole lot of bad. And those people have a right to protest, and good reasons why.

With China’s bad PR, protests are expected. And we should be glad that those people have the right to speak out and are not shot down/flattened by tanks/dragged away to labour camps.

Just the fact that that can’t be done in China, and the fact that the government denies that the torch has ever been snuffed out, is reason enough to question her ethics.

I am not anti-China. I live here. Without China’s approval, I would not enjoy what I have in Hong Kong today. I only ask people to stop being so bloody defensive!!!


4 thoughts on “I can’t wait for the Olympics to be over.

  1. WHOA. that snapshop of your messenger contacts – quite scary!

    the torch is coming to KL over the weekend… and the run thingie is happening around town on monday.

    im staying outta the city centre. traffic will be hell.

    and i say, it’s much ado about nothing really.

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