When your mom asks you a difficult question.

I was walking to a restaurant for dinner last night with my mom, bro and visiting auntie and uncle.

And we walked past a couple letting their dog off the leash for a runabout. The dog promptly ran to a light post and started sniffing around, doing it’s pre-pee/pre-poop ritual.

The man then went, “Yes, yes, fai di or shi shi la! Fai di or see see la!” while sticking a sheet of newspaper underneath the now-squatting dog, lovingly coaxing it to poop.

Nothing spectacular really. We see that all the time. I’m not writing this because the dog suddenly shat gold or directed pee into its owner’s face or whatever. Though it’ll certainly be interesting….


My mom then turned to me and said, “When I get old and start peeing and pooping around the house, will you collect my shit as lovingly as that man does for his dog?”


I walked faster.

But seriously though, why DO we willingly pick up our dogs’ shit and scrape crap stuck to the sides of the cat litter while we aren’t willing to care for our elderly in the same way?

Because they’re not cute, furry and huggable?

Because they pee and poop much more than the average cat or dog?

Because it’s embarrassing to be taking care of someone you’ve relied on all your life to take care of you?

Because they make much more of a mess?

Because animals pooping everywhere is normal, while it’s unnatural for us civilized humans?

Because the fact that they’re doing it is a constant painful reminder of when they were good loving properly-functioning people with their minds intact and they recognise your name, and when you had a bad day, you know you can go home and talk to them and eat a big meal of home-cooked dinner and know that everything will be alright?


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