If my employer reads this…

This basically describes the state of me at work right now:

“Sometimes your energy level has to do with the amount of work on your desk–or lack of it. Saltzman, the organizational psychologist, conducted a study about employee’s perceived workload and how it relates to their happiness at work. When staffers have “the right” amount of work, they feel positive. When they’re overworked, they still feel happy because they feel their company needs them. In contrast, when they have too little work they feel depressed. “They felt that not having enough work means you’re not being valued,” says Saltzman.

He took that concept a step further. When those employees feel undervalued, they get depressed. Depression often causes people to feel fatigue. Ultimately, when someone doesn’t have enough work to do, they may feel tired.”

These days, I go to work, send a coupla emails and I go home. And I feel absolutely exhausted.

It doesn’t help too when you sit in a fishbowl a la solitary confinement. When you realize why solitary confinement is a form of punishment….now I think that’s depressing.

When your friends/family call and think you’ve been sleeping because your voice is all cracked and croaky when it’s actually because you haven’t been speaking all day. That’s depressing too.

I think I should start some sorta online business and manage it from my office. No, I don’t have the money. But I sure do have plenty of time sitting on my butt right now.

(When things get hectic again, I’m gonna regret I wrote this.)



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