Old hags wearing ear-muffs.

The Journery of Harmony (or whatever it’s supposed to be called) of the Beijing Olympic torch is turning into an amusing PR circus for China.

And I say that with a self-satisfied smirk on my face.

I really do find it amusing.

My workmates are offended by the mess the protesters overseas are making. They think it’s prove that foreigners are racist towards us Chinese, sparked by jealously over that fact that we get to host the Olympics and they don’t. They are absolutely certain that the Dalai Lama organized the uprising in Tibet.

I was also very surprised to hear my friends say that Tibet definitely belongs to China and that the Tibetans are being stupid and irrational to think that they can break free. Tibet is poor and have no resources. They’re incapable of breaking free, and therefore should accept their fate of being a part of China (such as Hong Kong). China is currently pumping business, money and people into their territory, and they should be glad, because without us, they’d be nothing. The fact that China is destroying their culture – well, it’s always like that, so they’ll just have to live with it.

Meanwhile, someone else tells me that Tibet definitely is not a part of China.

I don’t know whether Tibet should be a part of China or not. I’m not about to go into history and all that. (I did look it up on Wiki….but of course there are no conclusions.)

But I do not oppose the protests that have been going on along the route of the Olympic torch. I find it amusingly satisfying.

China thinks there’s a global conspiracy to sabotage the Beijing Olympics. (At least that’s what they say). They think it’s the work of extreme Tibetan separatists. Yada yada do.

I think whether there is or not is not important. What is important is for the Chinese government to start examining WHY there are such mass protests against them?

WHY are people supporting the Tibetans? WHY does everyone keep saying that human rights in China is crap? WHY are people so wary of what the China goverment and its state media says?

Just the fact that the Chinese government says that the Olympic torch was never doused in, I think, Paris, is an uproar, when television shows that it plainly was. Regardless of everything else, this already drives me crazy.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying the Tibetans are all right. They burnt and caused the death of many people in Tibet during their protests. Damaged property. And a number of those trying to steal the torch and extinguish it in London/Paris probably are there just for the heck of it and don’t really understand Tibet or Chinese politics (I don’t either).

But instead of just bashing everyone, why can’t the Chinese government really examing themselves and think about it? Is the entire government run by old blindfolded hags wearing ear-muffs?

P.S. I also find it very funny that, the Olympic torch, a dead object, is treated like a state dignitary. Come on people, it’s just a thing. Get over it already.

P.P.S I do appreciate my life in Hong Kong, as given/allowed by the Chinese government. So there.


2 thoughts on “Old hags wearing ear-muffs.

  1. Well, yeah, I was trying to find something to go along with “crazyland” and initially thought of making this whole thing bright pastel pink and red and plastering carebears all over the header.

    Needless to say, my limited knowledge and abilities in this area, well, limited my ability to roll out my grand ambitions…..so I settled with crazy Chinese kids bumping around in crazy hamster balls……

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