“Hi Kaori,”

Seriously? I don’t get what is so difficult about my name.

Hello. My name is Dora.

And yet I’m called all sorts of funny names by people at work. Esp. people from the SEA region. Even though I end the emails I write them “Best regards, Dora”.

Maybe D-o-r-a is pronounced differently in different places. Such as Kay-or-ree.

I have also concluded that Americans in generally, will always fail to grasp how Chinese names work. And it is especially difficult for them to work out a person with both Chinese and English names. People like to put Dora in brackets. Like it’s an after thought.

Still I forgive them. As if I know how Turkish/African/Inuit names work. (But I really would think that people would be exposed to more Chinese names now. Hmmm.)

Yet, “KAORI”?! Where in the bloody hell did THAT come from?


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