I haven’t figured out what direction I want to take with this blog.

Do I want it to be personal? Do I want it colleagues-friendly? Boss-friendly? Mom-friendly? Cousins-friendly? Friends-friendly? People-I-kind-of-know-but-aren’t-really-friends-with-friendly? Boyfriend-friendly? Ex-boyfriends-friendly? Dates-friendly? Future husband(s)/kids/grand-kids/in-laws-friendly? Hockey teammates-friendly?

The problem is, most of what I write is stuff I don’t really talk about much. Or rather, a lot of times, to the annoyance of many who know me, my writing replaces my talking. If I have a choice, I would choose to communicate with everyone by writing.

I might as well be born dumb.

Perhaps I write to feed my narcissistic tendencies. Perhaps I like talking to myself. Perhaps I write because no one really wants to listen to my long-winded thoughts about random stuff. Perhaps I write to imagine that I have a readership besides myself.

Actually, that brings to mind: Why should I worry about what I write when no one read this stuff?


Well, the reason why no one reads this stuff is because I haven’t really told anyone about it. And I haven’t really told anyone about it because I haven’t decided what exactly it is I want to do here.

Which brings me back to Directions.

Ok. This is really not helping.


You know what. I’m just gonna write whatever the hell I feel like writing. I can’t please everyone (a lesson I’ve yet to fully learn) so a good place to start will be to start writing for myself.

Let’s see what happens.



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