“Work will always be there.”

A colleague from my company headquarters in Boston recently flew out to Hong Kong for a bit of work. He is ethically Chinese, born in Hong Kong, but immigrated to the US when he was young. So he’s responsible for liasing with us in big ol’ HKG.

He’s one of the most easy-going and nicest guys I’ve ever met work-wise. You feel like you can chat to him about anything. He’s always very gentlemanly, and just gives out a general good feel about everything.

He’s gone back to Boston now, and sent us an email thanking us on our hospitality, etc. He ended his email with this:

“Until we see each other again, please take care and spend time with your family or love one [sic] as time goes by so fast. Work will always be there.”

Now, I’m the type of person who’s always wary of people I work with. I always have this idea that everyone and the corporation as a whole always has a hidden agenda. From the promotions, incentives, feel-good announcements, to the little things they say and the personal tid-bits they talk about.

But whether this last sentence was added as a thought to provoke feelings of camadarie and that “headquarters care” or whatever, I was actually very touched.

To give him the benefit of doubt, and for my own sake really, I’m gonna trust that came from him as a genuine personal thought.

Perhaps I’m giving too much thought to this simple sentence. Really.


But it’s so true. It’s so so true, and I’ve never heard anything like it from anywhere else. I’ve never thought about it that way.

Yes, work will always be there. Others won’t be. Your friends, your family, people you love and care about. Those are things and people that deserve so much more than what people usually give their jobs.

When you have a crappy day at work/school/etc, it really helps to remember that. It just puts everything back in perspective. :)


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